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Separate Charm  "Me Time "

Separate Charm "Me Time "

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Separate Charm Duo: Music
Separate Charm Duo: Music
Separate Charm Duo: Music

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Awarded "The Country Music -Vocal Duo of the Year" by ISSA International Singer-Songwriters Association Aug 3, 2019

Melissa has been producing commercially available music and films since 2008, when she and her sister Mindy formed a duo. They were known as “The Ramski’s”. In 2009, Melissa and Mindy’s country version of “Winter Wonderland” was nominated for the CMA and Grammy award Country/Pop Recording Artist Eligibility List. In 2015 Melissa was awarded “The Best Female Solo Artist” at the Indie Ville Awards. In 2017, she released her new single “Masquerade” and on May 5, 2017, she was awarded the “Indie Ville Artist of the Year” at the Indie Ville Awards held in Nashville. Melissa Ramski in April 2018 had received a special notice, and was awarded by “LOZ Radio for the Hottest Winter Song for her single "Masquerade”. Then on May 10, 2018 LOZ Radio awarded Melissa Ramski as “Entertainer of the Year 2018.


​ Lizzie Miller grew up on pop, soul, rock and country. Born to a studio singer dad and a musically talented mom, she started singing at the age of 5. She has currently released three pop country singles with an up-tempo “Drive through Bride and Groom” and the heart wrenching “summer” which leans towards an alternative country vibe. “Days” is a modern country song that has a haunting melodic vibe that stimulates emotion. Being on stage and in front of the camera has always been home for Lizzie. She currently hosts a regional television show called INDIEVILLE TV in Nashville, and has interviewed major recording artists and other celebrities.

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💙 Michael Anthony 💙
Country Q97FM


Separate Charm “Me Time” 
Listening to the song start with the vocal exchanges to the killer hook to the pace change, "Me Time" definitely HITS the speaker in a Rockin' Way!! Cant help but crankin" this song up!!! 

Image by Matt Botsford


💙 Jason Hill 💙
Classic Country 94.7 Kixx FM


Melissa and Lizzie,

Here is a quote from WBCQ-FM (94.7 Kixx FM, Maine) that you may use wherever you would like.

- "Me Time" has true feeling. A very good song that we can all relate to!

Keep up the great work!



💙 Phil Kranz💙

Black Dog Indie Country


Hi,  It's Phil from Blackdog Indie Country radio show and I gotta tell you, the new song by separate charm 'me time ' is simply amazing.  It's a fun song reminiscent of what music used to be when you could crank up the volume and sing along.   First time you hear it you're gonna be hooked.   Kudos.

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Citywide Blackout Music Review

Citywide Blackout Music Review

By Mac Bowen Host/Producer


 Separate Charms single "Me Time"

 Mac Bowen of Citywide Blackout 

August 25, 2019

Separate Charm Duo: Welcome


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